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Category: Compendium

A compendium is a brief treatment or account of a subject, especially an extensive subject, or a concise treatise; a summary, epitome, or abridgment.

This compendium contains articles which describe the Intaki Liberation Front and/or Intaki Prosperity Initiative perspective on a given topic, including references (where possible).

Our intent is to provide a singular and easy to locate resource which allows both alliance members and the general public an opportunity to get to know and understand the basis of our actions, decisions, and politics.

A complete list of all articles is accessible from the menu. Note that news items for ILF/IPI and the Intaki sovereignty are also technically included in this Compendium but are sorted under the News category.

Important Dates

There are many dates on the New Eden calendar which have special significance, magnificence, or otherwise some level of importance. Below are some dates that the Intaki Prosperity Initiative and the Intaki Liberation Front find particularly noteworthy.

Gallente Militia in Intaki

The Intaki system, as sanctioned by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act (CEMWPA), falls within the Empyrean War’s contested zone[1] and pilots enlisted with the Gallente militia can frequently be found operating there. The Intaki Prosperity Initiative believes the presence of these pilots is not in keeping with Intaki Assembly policy regarding a minimal military presence in Intaki.

Intaki Secessionist Pledge

The Intaki secessionist is a warrior
fighting on behalf of himself and all law-abiding citizens
for the freedom, independence, and prosperity
of the Intaki sovereignty.

Intaki Cultural Center

The Intaki Cultural Center is located on thirty acres of pristine jungle and landscaped gardens in Intaki Prime’s southern hemisphere. The facility has been in operation since July YC112. It serves primarily as a school devoted to teaching Intaki traditions, philosophy, art, and music, and allows dozens of visitors to undertake short-term retreats to connect (or reconnect, as the case may be) with the Intaki way of life. Additionally, the center acts as the planetary headquarters for the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

Intaki Prime Relief Effort


relief1Despite being the home system for one of the Gallente Federation’s founding members, the Intaki system is rated as 0.1—the lowest security rating possible before being considered fully lawless and uncontrolled space in the eyes of CONCORD. High security space is a dangerous three jumps away. Intaki also falls within the contested zone set out by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act.

Intaki Liberation Front Logo

On April 4, YC116, the Intaki Liberation Front rebranded with a new logo depicting a gold infinity knot superimposed over a stylized red star. The new logo was introduced to better reflect ideals the corporation stands for and contains numerous layers of symbolism.

All Traders Welcome

The Intaki Liberation Front, in cooperation with past and present members of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, its allies and interested third parties, have established trade hubs in lowsec Placid aimed at improving the economic landscape of the Intaki sovereignty. Supplies are stocked at these hubs so all inhabitants of the Intaki sovereignty are able to shop locally rather than having to travel further afield. The primary hub exists at Intaki V-5, while a secondary hub is housed at Agoze IX-2.

Aliastra and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative


Aliastra is a Gallente corporation that holds an exclusive license for Intaki capsuleer administration with CONCORD[1]. Aliastra has roots in Placid and is sometimes referred to as the “Intaki megacorporation”[1]. The Intaki Prosperity Initiative maintains a strong relationship with Aliastra and believes this company could contribute significantly to the foundation of an independent Intaki sovereignty.