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Below is a complete listing of all articles about the members, structure, mission, and philosophies of ILF/IPI.

Daniel Alpena

daniel_medBackground: Gallente – Immigrants
Date of Birth: July 7, YC83
Place of Birth: Jewel (Gallareue IV)
Licensed: July 7, YC113

Daniel joined the Intaki Liberation Front on January 14, YC114. An active combat pilot, he was promoted to Isha-Sainika on July 19, YC115.

Erun Talan

erun_medBackground: Intaki – Reborn
Date of Birth: January 14, YC92
Place of Birth: Eletta III
Licensed: August 21, YC110

Erun joined the Intaki Liberation Front on February 14, YC115. He contributes both as a manufacturer and as a combat pilot. On October 8, YC117, Erun was promoted to Isha-Dravya.


A number of Intaki Liberation Front members are excellent writers. These individuals contribute regularly on the Free Intaki Forum as well as the pilot and clone soldier Intergalactic Summits, and some maintain blogs in which they relate their experiences in Intaki and greater New Eden, reflect upon matters of personal importance, celebrate their accomplishments, and ponder other topics which may be of interest to Intaki citizens as well as many people in general.


The Intaki Prosperity Initiative strives to create positive relationships with alliances, corporations, and individuals engaging in legitimate, law-abiding, and anti-pirate enterprise in New Eden and within the Intaki sovereignty in particular.

Rules of Engagement (ROE)

roe1The Intaki Prosperity Initiative provides security to individuals the alliance has identified as engaging in legitimate, lawful enterprise for the benefit of the Intaki sovereignty, while removing pirates and other criminal and undesirable elements. As such, the alliance follows “Not Blue – Shoot It” (NBSI) rules of engagement.

Standings are granted to anti-pirate and industrial groups who pose no threat to the interests of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative or Intaki Assembly.

What We Offer

Congratulations! You’ve found a corporation that can bring meaning to your pilot career. Stop the mindless ISK-chasing. Become a freedom fighter and hero!

Many Intaki Liberation Front pilots would say the greatest reward of membership is the satisfaction of defending the Intaki homeworld and working together toward achieving independence for the Intaki sovereignty. We also offer many tangible rewards:

Our Mission

The creation of a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty is the primary mission of the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative.