The Intaki Liberation Front has an open recruitment policy. There are only a few requirements for membership:

  1. ILF is not for alt-warehousing. Members are expected to be active and enthusiastic about contributing to corp mandates and projects.
  2. Members must understand and agree to adhere at all times to our corporation credo.

Alpha and Omega capsuleers of all skill levels and roleplay experience are welcome to join us. New members are accepted on a probationary basis. Apps are reviewed regularly and yours will be processed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance please visit our in-game channel “Intaki OOC” or contact Sakaane Eionell or Bataav.

Apply to the Intaki Liberation Front

To apply to ILF, follow these instructions:

  1. Read and familiarize yourself with the Intaki Liberation Front Credo.
  2. Register on our forum using your in-game character name. All Liberators require a forum account in order to access private corporation and alliance areas.
  3. Submit an in-game application to the Intaki Liberation Front.
  4. Submit a FULL EVE Online API Key using this link. You may need to log into the EVE Online website first and then follow the link again.

    Ensure you make the following additional changes to the API key first:

    • Set the “Name” field to “Intaki Liberation Front”.
    • Set the “Character” field to “All”.
    • Set the “Type” field to “Character”.
    • Set the “Expires” field to “No Expiry”.

    Your API Key settings should look like this (all categories selected).

    If your key is not correct, your application will be rejected.

  5. Complete and submit the form below.

Submit Your EVE Online API Key and ILF Credo Agreement

    Character Name

    API Key ID

    API Verification Code

    Yes, I agree to uphold the Intaki Liberation Front Credo.


    Perhaps the most resilient corporation in [New Eden].



    I would also like to thank the Intaki Liberation Front and all of its members for giving a meaning to my mercenary career and supporting me throughout it. I am glad to have found such a corporation, and I am proud to be its member.

    Denak Kalamari


    A year ago today [Erun] had joined the secessionist cause, hoping to find something worth fighting for after the endless drudgery of Nullsec. A loneliness had grown in him in the months leading up to joining, most everyone he’d started his career with more than five years ago had retired planetside, leaving channels emptier and emptier until he was soon left with only one or two semi-active channels. The pilots of the ILF had become like a family to him in the year he had been with them, providing the camaraderie and basic PvP training he’d been craving since he’d first entered lowsec all those years ago.

    Erun Talan