Dravya is the Intaki Liberation Front’s commerce division and is managed by the Isha-Dravya (Leader of Commerce). Its members are industrial-minded individuals who are primarily interested in expanding the economy of the Intaki sovereignty to ensure it flourishes.

All ILF miners and industrial pilots are also expected to be able to defend themselves and pitch in with the defense of IPI assets and fellow pilots. Their chosen careers are to be respected but ILF is a lowsec corporation in a lowsec alliance, and by nature, lowsec means all pilots must be prepared to fight other capsuleers at any time.


There are many job opportunities for Dravya pilots. Mining often takes place in asteroid belts or ice fields located in hisec and lowsec, but adventurous Liberators will also explore Anoikis space for rare ores and other valuable materials useful for production. Excess supplies are sold by these pilots at the Agoze IX-2 trade hub.

Dravya pilots are also responsible for harvesting gas in the Intaki sov and safely disposing of certain types to deny local drug producers this resource.

Reprocessing, research, invention, PI, and production of ships and other items also keep our Dravya pilots busy. They also provide hauling services for ILF, IPI, and allies. Supplies produced by Dravya are generally sold at the Intaki V-5 trade hub.