A number of Intaki Liberation Front members are excellent writers. These individuals contribute regularly on the Free Intaki Forum as well as the pilot and clone soldier Intergalactic Summits, and some maintain blogs in which they relate their experiences in Intaki and greater New Eden, reflect upon matters of personal importance, celebrate their accomplishments, and ponder other topics which may be of interest to Intaki citizens as well as many people in general.

Note: Opinions expressed in the blogs below are those of the authors and not necessarily representative of ILF, IPI, or our policies.

bataav Commentary on Independence
An insight into Bataav’s experiences and thoughts as a member of the Intaki independence movement.
erun Erun’s Musings
Erun Talan
Erun Talan’s musings on life in New Eden, with input from a few friends…
saxon My Life In Space
Saxon Hawke
The thoughts and ideas of Tanmaya, the reincarnated one.
sakaane Solitary Pilot
Sakaane Eionell
Adventures and musings of the ILF and IPI Suresha.

The following blogs are written by allies and other parties and may be of general interest.

noam Culture intaki
Noam Kilom
About Intaki culture, Gallente language and Ramataki. Often written in Frallente.
darius EVE Online Works
Darius Shakor
A collection of stories cataloging Darius’s life in the Shakor Clan and beyond.
johnr Executor’s Directive
John Revenent
Reflections from the Executor of I-RED.
mammal Ida Kainta
Mammal Tafren
The journey into understanding.
richard Masseri Just Another Capsuleer
Richard Masseri
The personal log of capsuleer Richard Masseri, documenting everything from personal or family history to scientific research to day to day capsuleer life.
denak Thoughts of a Clone Soldier
Denak Kalamari
An Intaki clone soldier ponders New Eden and its events.

Do you write, or know of, a blog that would interest us? Please let us know about it.