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Monthly archives: January, 2016

ILF Recruitment Is Open!

It’s a new year! In celebration of YC118 and looking ahead to new adventures, the Intaki Liberation Front has adopted a new recruitment process!

Whether you are a capsuleer or a clone soldier, joining ILF can now be done in three easy steps: read our new corporation credo, complete our credo acceptance form, and then submit your application to ILF via your neocom. After your details are received and you pass the applicable security checks, you will be welcomed as a new Liberator!

Our new process has been developed with the kind assistance of Mynxee from Signal Cartel. Thank you!

Intaki Liberation Front Credo

The Intaki Liberation Front is a roleplay corporation for players whose passion is to craft entertaining and meaningful stories which are interwoven with and supported or influenced by their in-game actions and activities.

We believe supporting the lore of EVE Online provides a much richer and more rewarding gameplay experience than just learning the game mechanics alone. We believe that Intaki culture, Intaki secession, and the struggle against piracy in Placid are the most interesting subjects the lore has to offer.

ILF Divisions: Nebyada

Nebyada is the Intaki Liberation Front’s infantry division and is managed by the Isha-Nebyada (Leader of Infantry). Nebyada members are clone soldiers who support ILF by fighting hostile groups on temperate planets.

This division is currently dormant. ILF eagerly awaits news regarding Project Nova.