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Monthly archives: May, 2015

Small Truths: The Gallente

Luminaire, Gallente Prime, child of warmth and light, whispered what it knew to the Gallente.

A soft land, a kind land, a garden world where the worst people had to fear was each other (and that only a little, for abundance gives little reason to fight), it taught them the small truths, the important lies, that would smooth over their conflicts with their fellows.

No need for rigid hierarchy. No need for painful choices, or tight control, or clannishness, or all-consuming faith. Enough that each should live a life apart, individual, untroubled by the beliefs of others, unless that life should seek to dominate and control, for in a world of plenty the greatest threat is the lingering instinct for hierarchy, the longing for power.

ILF Condemns Separatist Bombing

INTAKI PRIME – The Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) released a statement today condemning the recent bombing of a Federal Freight cargo port located on the Intaki colony of Kapda, more commonly known as Ostingele VII.

Suresha Sakaane Eionell called the bombing “a cowardly terrorist act”.

Spotlight on Intaki: TLC Interview

This past March at the SOCT Symposium on Emergent Threats, ILF’s Mahesha, Bataav, was interviewed by the folks over at The Learning Cliff about the Vaanin k’Intaki as well as our fair corporation.

The Learning Cliff is publication aimed at discovering what New Eden has to offer through the eyes of a fresh capsuleer.

We’re pleased to see the interview was posted on Learning Cliff’s April 28 release here. The entire episode is well worth the listen; Bataav’s segment begins at the 00:37:00 mark.

Many thanks to The Learning Cliff for this opportunity!