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Yearly archives: 2014

ILF Celebrates Eight Years

Today was the Intaki Liberation Front’s eighth anniversary.

A lot can happen to a corporation in eight years—and ILF is no exception—but our goals remain the same today as they were in YC108: campaign for Intaki independence, fight against piracy, and improve the local economy. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to remain true to objectives like these. Ultimately, I think we have been able to maintain these missions for so long because at their heart they have one thing in common: the desire to improve the lives of the baseline and capsuleer populations in the Intaki sovereignty. We’re here to help others.

Daniel Alpena

daniel_medBackground: Gallente – Immigrants
Date of Birth: July 7, YC83
Place of Birth: Jewel (Gallareue IV)
Licensed: July 7, YC113

Daniel joined the Intaki Liberation Front on January 14, YC114. An active combat pilot, he was promoted to Isha-Sainika on July 19, YC115.

Intaki Cultural Center

The Intaki Cultural Center is located on thirty acres of pristine jungle and landscaped gardens in Intaki Prime’s southern hemisphere. The facility has been in operation since July YC112. It serves primarily as a school devoted to teaching Intaki traditions, philosophy, art, and music, and allows dozens of visitors to undertake short-term retreats to connect (or reconnect, as the case may be) with the Intaki way of life. Additionally, the center acts as the planetary headquarters for the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

A Brief Intaki Lexicon

Following are a few common Intaki terms and expressions. For much more information and discussion about Intaki language, be sure to read the full Vaanin k’Intaki.

Vaanin: A Cleaner Look

The Vaanin k’Intaki, a feature of the Intaki Liberation Front Galnet portal since YC113, is a highly detailed and informative document produced originally by Sanjorel Epsulahm Artabanus in an effort to raise awareness of Modern Classic Intaki, the language in use by many Intaki natives and those who live throughout the sovereignty colonies.

The Vaanin k’Intaki has undergone an extensive update. Qualified experts have worked hard over the last three months to improve legibility and readability so interested parties in New Eden will have an overall improved experience while studying and learning this language.

To view the updated document, simply visit the Vaanin k’Intaki: Speech of the Intaki page and click the book’s cover image.

Erun Talan

erun_medBackground: Intaki – Reborn
Date of Birth: January 14, YC92
Place of Birth: Eletta III
Licensed: August 21, YC110

Erun joined the Intaki Liberation Front on February 14, YC115. He contributes both as a manufacturer and as a combat pilot. On October 8, YC117, Erun was promoted to Isha-Dravya.

Announcing ILF’s New Logo

To Our Valued Allies and Friends:

Recently, the Intaki Liberation Front initiated a brand audit. One of the key findings to emerge was that our corporation logo did not adequately reflect who we are today – leaders in promoting a free and independent Intaki sovereignty that preserves and celebrates Intaki culture, with a reputation for resiliency, dedication, and goodwill.

With this in mind, we embarked on updating our image. I am pleased to unveil the Intaki Liberation Front’s new logo:

Galnet Portal Update

I am excited to bring two announcements to you today.

First, this evening the Intaki Liberation Front has rolled out a new corporation logo. This rebrand has been done to give our corporation a more recognizable and meaningful identity. The new logo contains symbolism representative of our roleplay, and “Intaki red” and gold (with black) are now the official corp colors.

Visible Effects of Serfdom

Many separatists and anti-federalists have spoken on the Intaki system’s low security status as unjust or insulting. However, the true weight of this situation seems clouded by this rhetoric. For Empire Space (that is: space under the direct control and defense of the four major nations or CONCORD), a 0.1 security status is the lowest possible rating for CONCORD jurisdiction without the system becoming completely lawless and unclaimed. Usually such a status merely restricts contraband cargo (namely slaves) but customs vessels will only apprehend customs violators and do not police the area.

Star Fraction on the Intaki Question

In recent years, the question of the Intaki people and their future has become ever more pointed a source of dispute and conflict. This is doubly so as the Gallente Federation has become ever more paternalistic yet neglectful, while the ranks of the capsuleer class have swelled with Intaki and others who support them. The Star Fraction, and before its formation Jericho Fraction, has long been sympathetic to the aspirations of those Intaki who would see their people on the path of self-determination. In part, this is due to the many Intaki in our movement who hold the future of their people to lie in freedom at home and amongst the stars. Yet it is mainly a function of the ideology of the Fraction, which holds self-determination to be an essential that must be observed and upheld in any association or society in which all may flourish. Even so, we are from time-to-time asked what our position on the Intaki Question is and recently a number of interested parties have made inquiries in this vein.