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Monthly archives: January, 2012

Maatrukaanan Fire Extinguished, Arson Suspected

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – After more than a week of activity, firefighters working on the Intaki colony on Vey II are reporting that with the exception of a few “hot spots” the wildfire that tore through nearly a half-million square kilometers of old growth forest is now extinguished.

While the news was welcome to many on the forest world who make their living in the timber industry, the discovery of burnt fuel canisters in the area where the fire is believed to have started is deeply troubling.

Dubaanans Vote Against Citizenship for Non-Unionists

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – With a decisive majority, the voters of the aquatic colony on Agoze V voted yesterday to continue their centuries-old custom of granting full citizenship only to members of a union.

Debate surrounding the proposal to grant citizenship rights to non-union employees of capsuleer extraction facilities had been contentious and, prior to the vote, many believed the results of the election would be close.

Fire Threatens Maatrukaanan Forest, Homes

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – Despite the best efforts to control it, a wildfire on the arboreal world of Vey II threatens to destroy thousands of square kilometers of old growth forest.

“Fire is a part of the life cycle of the forest,” said Jannick en Liddel, a leading Maatrukaanan arboriculturist. “But a fire of this magnitude could have ramifications for generations.”