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Yearly archives: 2012

Happy Sixth Anniversary ILF!

Namas Liberators!

Today we celebrate the Intaki Liberation Front’s sixth anniversary. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the health and success of the corporation in the last year. We would not have come this far without each of you. May we see many more anniversaries yet!

YC114 has been a year of change and challenges for us, but also activity!

New Rules of Engagement

In recent weeks, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative has been engaged in an internal review of many of our policies.

We remain committed to peace, economic development, and prosperity for citizens of the Intaki sovereignty. In pursuit of these goals we will also continue to combat capsuleer and Serpentis pirates who choose to enter our area of operations.

Effective December 4, YC114, the Intaki Prosperity Initiative has adopted new Rules of Engagement which align with CONCORD’s revised Crimewatch protocols.

Introducing the new IPI and ILF Galnet Portal


I’m happy to reveal our newly-redesigned Galnet portal. This latest design is quite a bit slicker than its predecessor! If you are having any trouble viewing the updated site, you may need to clear your cache.

Be sure to peruse the spiffy new gallery on the homepage. The thumbnails rotate randomly every few seconds, but you can also view each image sequentially after clicking on a picture.

Coreli Corporation Declare War On IPI

Ishukone Pledge Support

INTAKI V–MOON 5–ASTRAL MINING INC. REFINERY – Returning Serpentis affiliates Coreli Corporation yesterday announced a campaign to disrupt the Intaki Prosperity Initiative’s efforts to limit Serpentis Corporation activities across Placid and Federation space.

CRII’s Chief Executive, Joshua Foiritain, announced that false statements propagated about Serpentis activities, as well as attacks against SPC vessels and property could no longer be tolerated.

The announcement was met with pledges of support for the IPI. Amongst the groups offering aid, Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive alone have offered military support, sparking fresh debate about their true motives for maintaining token security operations in and around Intaki.

Are you a capsuleer interested in creating a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty? Does combat and industry in lowsec interest you? If so, ILF is looking for members like you!

IPI Tidying Up Intaki with Friends

On the morning of June 10, a fleet comprised of Intaki Prosperity Initiative pilots set out to take down a starbase belonging to AOM.

Contrary to AOM’s public Galnet portal, which claims it is a friendly company for miners, AOM pilots have been observed operating aggressively within the Intaki sov, including indiscriminately attacking members of a variety of local capsuleer groups.

Announcing Formation of New Trade Hub

For over two years the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, along with our allies and partners, has maintained a successful trade hub at Intaki V-5. For residents of Viriette and the greater Placid region, the Intaki V-5 hub makes many ships and other equipment available which they might otherwise have to travel outside Placid to acquire.

Building upon this success, IPI is pleased to announce we will be proceeding with an idea recently put forth by Bataav en Gravonere, who represents ILF on the IPI Council.

Prosperity Speech

Recently, following the Intaki Prosperity Initiative’s presidential election, Sakaane Eionell gave her acceptance speech during a ceremony held at the Intaki Cultural Center on Intaki Prime.

Text of the speech follows.

Maatrukaanan Fire Extinguished, Arson Suspected

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – After more than a week of activity, firefighters working on the Intaki colony on Vey II are reporting that with the exception of a few “hot spots” the wildfire that tore through nearly a half-million square kilometers of old growth forest is now extinguished.

While the news was welcome to many on the forest world who make their living in the timber industry, the discovery of burnt fuel canisters in the area where the fire is believed to have started is deeply troubling.

Dubaanans Vote Against Citizenship for Non-Unionists

DUBAANA (AGOZE V) – With a decisive majority, the voters of the aquatic colony on Agoze V voted yesterday to continue their centuries-old custom of granting full citizenship only to members of a union.

Debate surrounding the proposal to grant citizenship rights to non-union employees of capsuleer extraction facilities had been contentious and, prior to the vote, many believed the results of the election would be close.

Fire Threatens Maatrukaanan Forest, Homes

MAATRUKAANAN (VEY II) – Despite the best efforts to control it, a wildfire on the arboreal world of Vey II threatens to destroy thousands of square kilometers of old growth forest.

“Fire is a part of the life cycle of the forest,” said Jannick en Liddel, a leading Maatrukaanan arboriculturist. “But a fire of this magnitude could have ramifications for generations.”