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Monthly archives: February, 2011

Capsuleer Corporation Claims Responsibility for Refinery Blast

INTAKI PRIME – A week after an explosion destroyed a deep space refinery in the Conomette System, a group has stepped forward to claim responsibility.

Initial reports on the matter indicated the explosion was most likely accidental; the result of polygypsum contamination in an arkonor ore shipment. There was some speculation, however, that the blast was a work of sabotage.

Narcotics Corruption Uncovered on Duureanta

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Residents of this colony in the Harroule System remain in shock this morning following reports that Tanvir Vasumati, chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, was arrested on corruption charges over the weekend.

Vasumati has been a leading figure in the colony’s effort to locate and eliminate illegal khuska oil refining operations. He made headlines late last year when his task force seized more than a million kilograms of illegally produced pharmaceutical-grade khuska oil.

Singh Leads Cannons to Championship

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – Proving himself to be as potent on the sidelines as on the pitch, first-year coach and former all-star player Saavin Singh lead the Kapda Cannons to their first Kendu Kanarma title with a thrilling victory of the Sajha Mavericks last night.

The Cannons, perennial underdogs in the league, had been suffering particularly badly in recent years, but energized their franchise this season with the hiring of Singh as their head coach. Singh was a member of six championship teams during his 10-year career with the Intaki Interceptors and still holds the team’s all-time scoring record.