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Monthly archives: November, 2010

Volcano Lights Night Sky

SIKKIM CITY, SAJHA (BRAREL II) – Following several days in which small tremors were felt within the Sajhan Colony’s capital city, the sky last night erupted in light as Mount Daagna roared to life for the first time since the colony’s founding.

Many leading scientists are scrambling to account for the Mount Daagna’s renewed activity, contradicting years of assurances that the volcano was extinct and not simply dormant.

Lightning Avenge Earlier Loss

KAPDA (OSTINGELE VII) – With half of this year’s matches now over, the Kapda Cannons have proven that they are the team to beat. Last night, the Ud’har Lightning did just that, avenging a loss to the Cannons last month.

After starting their season with a 2 and 2 record, the Cannons went on a winning streak, improving to 6 and 2 before being shut out at home. Coach Saavin Singh took the defeat in stride.

Illegally Produced Khuska Oil Seized

DUUREANTA (HARROULE IV) – Planetary authorities have reported the seizure of more than a million kilograms of illegally produced pharmaceutical-grade khuska oil.

Tanvir Vasumati, chief inspector of the Duureanta Narcotics Task Force, said the oil was discovered in shipping containers marked as industrial lubricant. The manifest showed the shipment was bound for an outpost in Serpentis-controlled space.

Lost Sailors Found Alive

LAGAANA (ANNANCALE VII) – In a remarkable turn of events, champion sailor Gurashi Bhatt and his three-man crew have been found alive two weeks after they were reported missing and four days after rescue operations were called off.

Bhatt is the captain of the The Enchanted, a racing sailboat that set the record for circumnavigating the planet two years ago. The crew was attempting to break that record when they were overtaken by a sudden hurricane.

Seccession Bill Stopped in Committee

INTAKI PRIME – After days of speculation by an anxious public, the Intaki Assembly’s Interstellar Relations Committee has concluded its hearing on a bill calling for the secession of the Assembly from the Gallente Federation.

The committee took up the issue three days ago, but closed its chambers to the public and media. When the committee adjourned this evening, Chairman Zheet Chandrark, of Kapda, spoke with reporters in a brief press conference.

Champion Sailors Missing

LAGAANA (ANNANCALE VII) – The boating community on the Lagaana Colony is banding together to mount what is being called the largest search and rescue operation in colony history.

Sea-faring vessels of all sorts, assisted by satellite imaging from space, are searching for the crew of The Enchanted, a racing sailboat that set the record for circumnavigating the planet two years ago. Captain Gurashi Bhatt and his three-man crew were attempting to break their own record when they were caught in a sudden hurricane.

Controversial Bill Gets Committee Hearing

INTAKI PRIME – In a surprise move, the Intaki Assembly’s Interstellar Relations Committee has scheduled a hearing for the secession bill put forth earlier this year by Sahjan Assemblywoman Desri Yauvani.

The bill is essentially the same measure put forth by the Sahjan delegation every few years and calls for the Intaki Assembly to begin the formal withdrawl of the Prime world and its aligned colonies from the larger Gallente Federation.

The bill has been filed in the past, but never received the required co-sponsor to move forward. This year, Assemblyman Vishta Kenchammana, of Rohaanar, signed on as a co-sponsor in exchange for Yauvani supporting his bill limiting non-reborn births to one per couple throughout Intaki space.

Federation Political Parties Weigh In On Placid Issues

STACMON – With the expiration of the Federal Legislation 23338-501a and 501b, commonly known as the Insulation Acts, representatives of a number of Gallente political parties have seized upon the opportunity to interact directly on capsuleer communication channels.

Representatives of the Nationalist, Unionist, Progressive and Social Democratic parties were surveyed for their opinions on matters relating to the Placid Region and its native Intaki population. The Federal Populist Party is apparently not communicating directly with the capsuleer community at this time.

Rohaani Leader Stepping Aside

ROHAANAR (FRARIE VI) – Rhaj Shreemaan Rishtedaar announced today that in the next few days he would be turning control of the Rohaanar colony to his cousin, Idama Jeevan Nirantar.

As has become the tradition of the colony, Rishtedaar has led the colony since Nirantar underwent the saunp dena ritual approximately 30 years ago. The pair have alternated control of the colony since its founding, using the Intaki rebirth process as a means of perpetuating their two-man dynasty.

Day of Mourning Declared Throughout Intaki Space

INTAKI PRIME – The Intaki Assembly voted today to declare a day of mourning throughout Intaki Space in recognition of the 350 lives lost in an explosion yesterday at the Gridharan Medical Research on the Ud’Har colony.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those grieving the loss of their loved ones,” said Anlaa Banerjee, Assembly spokesman. “May their next lives be blessed.”

The vote was not without controversy, however, as delegates from both Duureanta and Kapda took to the floor during the bill’s debate period.