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Monthly archives: October, 2010

Viral Outbreak Infects Dozens

SHIKAR, UD’HAR (FRARIE VII) – An entire wing at one of the Ud’Har colony’s largest pharmaceutical research facility remains under quarantine this morning after a viral agent being studied for the development of a new vaccine escaped confinement.

Dr. Yarri Arasaratnam, director of the Gridharan Medical Research facility, spoke with reporters in a press conference this morning. Arasaratnam said approximately 30 employees had come into contact with the virus and are now being treated. He declined to comment on the prognosis of the patients.

IPI Joins Anti-Pirate Coalition

Suresha Saxon Hawke, president of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative [IPI] alliance, announced today that his organization has joined the NRDS Coalition, an anti-piracy group with members spanning New Eden.

The NRDS Coalition takes its name from the practice commonly known as “Not Red – Don’t Shoot” referring to the capsuleer system of flagging pilots known to be hostile enemies with a red indicator. It is the polar opposite of the NBSI or “Not Blue – Shoot It” policy where pilots freely aggress all pilots who are not specifically tagged with a blue “friendly” indicator.

Secession Vote Narrowly Defeated On Sajha

SIKKIM CITY, SAJHA (BRAREL II) – Residents of Sajha have once again voted down a measure to secede from the authority of the Intaki Assembly and form an independent city-state within the Brarel star system.

Under the colony’s legal system, the matter falls into the “external affair” category, thus requiring a two-thirds majority. When voting ended just over three weeks, it appeared that the mark had been reached with 50,000 votes to spare. However, a group called “Preserving the Union” launched a recount effort. A manual recount showed that the measure actually fell about 200,000 votes short.

Cannons Blast Interceptors

INTAKI PRIME – Kendu Kanarma fans were stunned this week by the upset victory of the Kapda Cannons over the reigning champion Intaki Interceptors. The Cannons, coached this year by former all-star player Saavin Singh, scored early in the first season and never let up.

Trailing 2 to 1 at the close of the third frame, the Interceptors tried to mount a Payas rally, but couldn’t overcome the Cannons’ defense. The match ended with a 4-2 score, the first time this year that anyone had scored more than 3 points against the Interceptors.