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Monthly archives: April, 2008

Pro-Intaki Alliance Formed

Saxon Hawke, Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, announced today a new alliance has been formed to further the goals of stability and prosperity in the Intaki system and surrounding areas.

The Star League will include not only ILF, but also Tedric Enterprises, Kenshao Industries and Intaki Armaments.

Calls Made for Repatriation of Intaki Diaspora

Leaders of the Intaki Liberation Front announced today their campaign to battle Intaki diaspora, an issue the group feels is one of the principal challenges facing Intaki culture today.

“At the founding of the Gallente Federation, the Intaki people were considered to be a ‘primitive’ race,” said Suresha Saxon Hawke, ILF’s leader. “In the centuries since, we have proven ourselves more than capable of plying the space lanes of the universe.”