• Our Mission
    Our Mission | To create a stable, secure, and independent Intaki sovereignty.
  • Meet Our Team
    Meet Our Team | Friendly, honorable, and dedicated capsuleers.
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    About Us | Learn about ILF and IPI.

welcomeA Message From Our Suresha

Namas tayam. Welcome to the home of the Intaki Liberation Front (ILF) corporation and Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) alliance. We are capsuleers dedicated to securing independence for the Intaki sovereignty.

diploThis is a complex and challenging goal that requires balancing diplomacy, force of arms, and trade. To this end, ILF and IPI pursue a variety of activities including fostering positive relationships, anti-pirate combat, and local manufacturing.

If you hear the call of Intaki, please consider joining us!


tradehubAll Traders Welcome

The Intaki V-5 and Agoze IX-2 trade hubs aim to improve the economic landscape of the Intaki sovereignty. ILF spearheads this effort by manufacturing or importing wares for residents to purchase locally. Read More…

Intaki Prime Relief Effort

The Intaki system has a sec status of 0.1 and falls within the contested zone outlined in the CEMWPA. Due to this and other factors, economic disruptions and shortfalls in supply of assorted baseliner commodities do happen. Read More…


Become A Liberator

Bring meaning to your career as a capsuleer! Join ILF to experience the thrill of lowsec alongside other champions of the Intaki sovereignty. We also offer many tangible rewards! Read More…

Join the Intaki Prosperity Initiative Alliance

Does your corporation want to defend and serve the Intaki sovereignty? IPI’s strategic goals span 50 systems so the assistance of additional corporations is welcome. Read More…

Rules of Engagement

Striving for a Blue Intaki

Any individual or group acting in the best interests of Intaki, the Intaki Assembly, and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative is welcome to operate within our space without fear of interference. We actively seek to establish NAPs. Read More…

If It’s Red, Make It Dead

Any individual or group believed to be working against the best interests of the Intaki Assembly, the Intaki sovereignty, and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative is considered hostile at all times and will be killed on sight. Read More…


Blue Is Better

We welcome offers to negotiate mutual standings and actively look for opportunities to offer blue to individuals and groups that match up well with our values. Read More…

More Than Just An Overview Tag

In exchange for negotiating positive standings and building a working relationship with IPI, blue allies receive more than just immunity under IPI’s ROE. Read More…

Recent Articles

Vremaja Idama

Vremaja Idama is an Intaki spiritual leader and advocate, one of the few Idama to be involved with the pod pilot community. The title “Idama”, meaning “most holy”, is given to individuals who have undergone the process of Rebirth multiple times without modern technological aid. In YC108, Vremaja made waves by announcing his wedding to…


ILF Chain of Command

The has an established chain of command. This allows the corporation to maintain organization and the ranks within the chain provide structure. Ranks are Intaki in origin to promote and maintain our cultural heritage….


ILF Divisions: Sainika

Sanika is the Intaki Liberation Front’s security division and is managed by the Isha-Sainika (Leader of Security). Sainika members are battle-honed warriors dedicated to the protection of the Intaki sovereignty. They stand together against a tide of crime and corruption by destroying Serpentis pirates and combating capsuleer outlaws….


ILF Divisions: Karna

Karna is the Intaki Liberation Front’s special forces division and is managed by the Isha-Karna (Leader of Special Forces). These individuals are elite pilots who specialize in making pirates’ lives miserable via sneaky ways. They complete special training which enables them to provide support via covert ops, reconnaissance, and EWAR….


ILF Divisions: Dravya

Dravya is the Intaki Liberation Front’s commerce division and is managed by the Isha-Dravya (Leader of Commerce). Its members are industrial-minded individuals who are primarily interested in expanding the economy of the Intaki sovereignty to ensure it flourishes….


Mordu’s Legion

The Caldari State, with its mega-corporations and millions of smaller companies forming the fabric of society, hasn’t always posed as a united front as it does today. Several times in its history since the State was birthed following its break from the Gallente Federation, rival factions and companies have clashed, often with deadly intent. Most…


Join Us

The Intaki Liberation Front has an open recruitment policy. There are only a few requirements for membership: ILF is not for alt-warehousing. Members are expected to be active and enthusiastic about contributing to corp mandates and projects. Members must understand and agree to adhere at all times to our corporation credo….



Slavery is a widespread institution in New Eden. Though it is primarily associated with the Amarr Empire and related entities, it is also a vital part of Sansha’s Nation, and constitutes one of the major social and criminal problems in other parts of the cluster. Exact numbers are difficult to come by, but the Sisters…


Year: YC111

March YC111 Before Seyllin In the Gallente Federation, Intaki Senator Suvio Bellaron proposed a ban on public executions following the Eturrer execution. Senator Bellaron condemned the execution as “a shameful and barbaric spectacle” when introducing his bill. Others criticized Bellaron and noted the scale of Eturrer’s treason. The bill was effectively killed through procedural devices….



Five hundred years ago the Intaki people lived a simple life on their home planet. For them the sky was a mystery they were only slowly unfolding with their pre-industrial technology. Then the Gallente arrived and swept them into the modern age in one swift stroke. The Intaki, initially overwhelmed, adapted quickly and within a…